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The Mike David Project
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ronnie mack
"Sell Worldwide - iTunes ect"

07/12/14 10:16:11
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Sell Worldwide - iTunes ect
We are frequently asked it we can get our artists on iTunes, Amazon etc.

We can, however to do this we effectively need to 'sign' you to the Soundblitz Records label.

Soundblitz Records is a registered UK label and registers recordings with PPLUK the UK sound recording database. We (Soundblitz Records) issue ISRC codes for each track and UPC (Barcodes) Before we arrange for our Music Distributor to upload your recordings to the premier digital download platforms. The following procedure must be carried out. The following is totally free.

Register with Soundblitz Records on this site.

Upload photographs and MP3s together with profile details. You will be able to upload 10 mp3 files. If you require any help with our site or the features please just ask, send us an email or open a support ticket.

You may, if you own the copyright to the song register for an Free Artist Plus account, this allows you to sell your music worldwide from this site on a 50/50 basis.

Upgrades/Subscription Packages

If you want your recordings to be available worldwide on Premier Digital Download platforms (iTunes, Amazon etc) you MUST upgrade your account to one of our Professional subscription plans

1.You must upgrade your account to gold or platinum, this will give you more disk space to upload more MP3 files, so that we can select around 10-15 for an album. Details of the subscription upgrades can be found in your Control Panel under 'Subscriptions'

2.We will send you a letter setting out the terms and conditions of our agreement, this will be sent by email, once you agree you must email this back to us with the statement 'I Agree' on the agreement.

3. You must purchase a Digital Distribution Subscription (DDS) details here: http://www.soundblitzrecords.com/lists/digitaldistribution/

4.We are transparent in all our dealings and once we have arranged for your songs to be globally uploaded to all premier platforms we will let you know the release date. This usually takes around 6 weeks.

5. You will only pay the subscription cost of your DDS, all other costs for ISRC codes,UPC codes, Master Disks are made by us.

6. We will require Artwork from you in jpeg format 1600 x 1600 pixs, this is for the cover to be displayed on the retailer site. We can however produce this for you for an additional cost.

Royalty Payments

Because there are so many different outlets that we upload to the amount of Royalty they pay is variable we will however give you some examples in our agreement. Royalty statements are issued to us by our Music Distributor every 3 months and you will receive a copy of this clearly showing what was downloaded or streamed and from where.

You will receive 100% of the Royalty Payment we receive. Deductions from Royalty Payments are a) The Retailer (iTunes, Amazon etc) b)The Music Distributor and c) Mechanical Rights (Payment to the Copyright owner if it is a cover version) the percentages are approximately a)30% - b)20% - c)9% so 41% is paid to the artist.

Regarding downloads made from this site you will receive 80% of the download price the other 20% taken up by Paypal fees etc.

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